Test to be a Mod for a week!

This is a test to see if you can be a mod for a week.E-mail me the answers at torchicsean@yahoo.com

#1:How old am I?

#2:What is my name?

#3:What is my name on club penguin?

#4:What was the first pin in the history of club penguin?

#5:What bribble do I go to?

#6:What is my favorite mod on the bribble that I go to?

#7:Who are the staff in this blog???



7 Responses to “Test to be a Mod for a week!”

  1. greatpip Says:



    4:four leaf clover pin

    5:misams bribble

    7:simmer27.goldenlatios,suppeopledudes,6 susie 6,and cpmoney maka

  2. greatpip Says:

    i couldnt awnser number one since this post is old and i have no idea what bribble u like to go on

  3. greatpip Says:

    but for #6 im guessing misam

  4. grrral 2 Says:

    #1 9
    #2 Sean
    #3 Goldenlatios
    #4 clover pin (shamrock)
    #5 use to be watex’s but since it is shut down misams
    #6 Misam or Newman
    #7 Goldenlatios,Simmer 27,6susie6,cpmoneymaka,and suppeopledudes

  5. this post was like a month ago.Te answers were:Musiclvr14 or Mimo10!

  6. grrral 2 Says:


  7. greatpip Says:


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