Simmer 27’s 53000 Hits Party


We haven’t had a party in a while so I decided to have one.

Thats the invitation. I will be adding everyone!

pauguin, KellyM, Fever, and Bulletwolf might be there!

Waddle On!

Simmer 27


4 Responses to “Simmer 27’s 53000 Hits Party”

  1. Goldenlatios Says:

    Hey simmer…uuuum I sorta can’t make it uz itll be 3:00a.m. here.Will it be on a Friday or a Saturday???

  2. Simmer I really can’t make it and the other comment WAS mine…K baiiiz

  3. greatpip Says:

    do it on 10:30 its better for me

  4. greatpip Says:

    nvm because i thought u ment midnight

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