Todays Updates

Hey guys money here. The igloo contest started today. I’ll post some cool igloos later. There are some new furniture and here they are and its secrets.

On the page with the plants click the “P” in “Plants” for the palm tree.

On that same page click the Large house plant for the Coffee shop plant.

Click the green vase for the Plush gray chair.

Click the window of the pink caslte for the infaltable dragon.

Click the sink of for the cake.

Theres also some new puffle stuff.

Click the brown flower for the gray puffle house.

Thats all for now people! cya!


P.S. Scroll down for the new pin and the new item.



One Response to “Todays Updates”

  1. Hey Goldenlations! Its Tizzy! Listen, Im so glad I got to talk to you! If You know how to get a mod account please email me and tell me how. I trust you so please don’t let me down! Happy Memorial Day!

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