Money and Simmer…

Dear Money and Simmer,


I am in Louisiana for the month and I am not gunna be on a lot.If one of you could plz take over the site

for the rest of the month.I will be on but not often.Sorry..Oh can someone do the 1000 hit party?I can’t do it cuz I’m sick.I can’t be awake for long.Simmer can you get someone to record?If you can then put the vid on your site.Just say that I cant come because I’m really sick.Just say Goldenlatios cant come.Then tell everyone to say Goldenlatios.BYE!Cya round.





15 Responses to “Money and Simmer…”

  1. greatpip Says:

    well golden i feel srry if u dont have cp there.

  2. greatpip Says:

    dang watex does it by himself

  3. greatpip Says:

    but u will like the fried chicken and buiscuits!

  4. lol i have cp here.I am just WAY to busy.My step moms bday and im going campoing,and going to Texas.Lol!Lotsa stuff to do!

  5. cpmoneymaka (not logged in) Says:

    i might go to texas for vacation i hope i go

  6. cpmoneymaka Says:

    I’ll take over the site for you until you get back no problem 😉

  7. greatpip Says:

    well ok but i need a recorder and cpmoneymaka can u tell me how to get u to be an admin on my site?plz comment how

    Money: Heres what you do.
    1. Go to your dashboard
    2. On the right, click “Users.”
    3. Scroll down to wear it says “Add user from Comunity.”
    4. Type in my email. ( )
    5. Choose my role. (Editer, Admin, Contributer, Author, etc.)
    6. Click “Add User.”

    Does that help? if it doesnt let me know.

  8. I have 1 week until ALL of my vacation.srry

  9. greatpip Says:

    thx money ill look into that

  10. greatpip Says:

    money u will be an admin

  11. greatpip Says:

    or author u pick idk how admins post

  12. greatpip Says:

    it didnt work

  13. 6susie6 Says:

    Sure goldenlatios, i can take over of ur site ’til u come back 🙂 if u need the email its;

  14. greatpip Says:

    ok cpmoneymaka ur an admin on my site now

  15. lol 15 comments!keep em cummin!

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