New Pics!

Hey guys! Im taking over the site until Latios gets back(no your’e not!), which shouldnt be long(1 MONTH!). Anyways, todays i learned how to make AWESOME pics! Here are SOME examples:

Check out the 3-D effects and the messed up player card!(aweswomeness)

Isnt that cool? Try it! It really works!

Hoped you guys enjoyed!(cool)

Later!(edited by Goldenlatios.the perentheses are me)



7 Responses to “New Pics!”

  1. actually ill be back in a month.My major vacation on my vacation start in exactly a just be watching!So dont try to pull anything!

  2. cpmoneymaka Says:

    lol i wont. why would i do that anyways??

  3. idk but header by the way!

  4. greatpip Says:

    hey did u announce u work on my site too?id love to meet u on cp

  5. cpmoneymaka Says:

    whoops i totally forgot greatpip ive been busy today ill do it now

  6. scoutsavoy Says:

    Tell me, Whats so great about club penguin, and why i should get one?

  7. scoutsavoy Says:

    cpmoneymaka could u please join my site cause i really need someone to work with my backgrounds and designs.I will make you an administrator for now unless you dont want to be! thx

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