200 Day Old Party!

GUESS WHAT!I’M 200 DAYS OLD ON CP!YIPPEE!To celebrate we will go on Tundra at MY igloo!My igloo is a hotel/spa/resturant!Ite’s awesome!It’s at 2:00PM CPT!My igloo will be on the map so make sure you WILL be there!




4 Responses to “200 Day Old Party!”

  1. greatpip Says:

    im 352 days old.Beat that.

  2. my other eng is 750 SUMFIN DAys old!

  3. grrral 2 Says:

    Grrral 2 is 192
    My best penguin Infinity is a beta with the first pin he was in penguin chat he has everything (just about) in club penguin history.

  4. cpmoneymaka Says:

    ok greatpip ill beat that I have a peng thats +450 days old no lie beat that 😛

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