Catalog Stuff

Hey guys I posted this again because it is important and when people come to the site I want them to see this.

Well heres the catalog stuff and the new pin!

New pin came out today along with the catalog. heres the stuff:Click the blue sandle flower for the viking helm.

Click the crown for the staff.

Click the belt buckle for the woods man hat.

Click the poket in the pic for the cheesy tie.

New backgrounds

The new pin is in the forest.

this stuff is so kool! D I wish i was a member…




2 Responses to “Catalog Stuff”

  1. cpmoneymaka Says:

    hey sorry i posted this again lol we posted so much on this site that the catalog updates went on to the next page People need to see this if this is a cp cheats and help site…

  2. i luv da heder!!!

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