Water Party!

The party is awesome!The items are the yellow duck,Seashell neacklace,And from last year,The AWESOME icecream apron!

The duck is in the cove.

The neacklace is in the beach.

And the apron is in the plaza.

Click the hose to use it and soak people!

Try throwing a snowball and instead you will throw a water balloon!

Theres a new room for the party called “the whale.”

If you guys wanna know about last years water party, click the red button for a demostration!

In other news the new stage came out.Its about a penguin named Chester who goes back in time and meets cave pengs. Theres also a new background:


Click this for yesterdays paper.

Goldnenlatios cant get any items for 2 more days cuz Golden got banned for no reason.He will be happier in 2 days.He can’t put pics cuz hes not allowed when hes there.

And last but not least, the mission 8 sneak peek!


 You can see the lighthouse threw the hole. Later!

~Golden & Money


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