1000 HITS!lol.XD

Money’s Edit: Whooooo! We’ve almost got 2000 hits! Paint Tutorial commin’ soon!  (Go here for more info.) I also work on Yoshiru’s Site. Check it out!

Weve had 1000 hits for a while now and im FINALLY having the party!It is today at 6:50 PM CPST!MSo dont miss it!I hope we have fun!Its at the dock!Tundra!



5 Responses to “1000 HITS!lol.XD”

  1. greatpip Says:

    i couldnt come because i was watching the NBA Finals.

  2. greatpip Says:


  3. cpmoneymaka Says:

    lol greatpip now next time u can come cuz Celtics won 😀 i knew they would win 😉

  4. greatpip Says:

    well there will be a next season.but im gonna host a summer party soon

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