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Posted in Uncategorized on July 28, 2008 by Goldenlatios Join this site!It will become very popular!Its for the wii and stuff.My step cuzins started it!(Dday & Scout)


Sorry Sean for advertisin

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Ok,most of you know me as goldenlatios’s cousin and that is fine.Ive teamed up with one of my friends and we created a website where you can exchange friend codes,come to play in mariokart wii tournaments, and much much more.Please visit^_^    Thanks


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Music Party!

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Flame’s Edit: I’ll post the rest of the pics…as soon as I find them on this comp. im on…

The Music Party is AWESOME!Here are some pics! (I will post more later)



The old Maracas are at the cove.



You can buy 6 t-shirts and a V.I.P. pass if your a member.

Free t-shirts are at the plaza.

Sorry everyone!

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I’m sorry for everyone that got deleted and isnt an admin anymore!I did this because someody changed my theme for the site.Who knows what else they couldve done before I did anything.So I’m sorry and I am really mad right now and trying to hold in my anger.Bye!



New CP Game,Music Party Sneak Peek,and a CP Game for the DS!

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Ok!I am going to start with the party sneak peek.This is the forest.Don’t forget about the party on the 25th!Also,there is a new CP game on the 25th!It is a music game.Do you notice it says fever???lolOk!This is the DS game.It is coming out in!I made the thing there.




Free Domains

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Theres this free domain thing…It is like my domain is and Pelkiun got it for me.Its the thing idk but ask pelkiun cuz idk about it.He just got it for me.Byeeeee!