Money’s Back

Update: My penguin moneyman0987 SUCKS! I need a better main penguin. If you have any other penguins BETTER than this one please email me at . It doesnt have to be a rare one or a member JUST better than this one! Thanks!

Yeah…uh….sorry I have not been on in a few days. I had a very busy weekend. On Friday I went out and got Super Smash Brothers Brawl for the Wii and when I had free time I played that. xD On that day I had my little cousins come over and I had to watch them. On Saturday, I went to church for what seemed like forever. And with all the free time I had I played SSBB. Lol 😆 . On sunday, I went to a party which was 2 hours away and  had fun their all day. And with all the free time I had, guessed what I played? So yeah you can say I had a very busy weekend. I forgot to post some stuff. Here they are:

Rocky came back and brought back the ol’ parrot free item.

And if you still don’t have the key…Go to the book room, Click on Rh’s notebook, and on the last page… You find the key.

In the sports catalog, If you click on the soccer ball, you get cleats:

Click on the green penguin, then the shell, then the seastar for the Silver Surf Board.

Heres the new stuff that came out today:

Fireworks at the iceberg,

And at the mountain.

I will TRY to get the pixel penguins done by TODAY. Sorry about that… I will try to get everything else done too.

Well Money out. Sorry for being so late on this.



10 Responses to “Money’s Back”

  1. Piplup U Says:

    If ya need tips on ssbb you can ask me that game is AWESOME i have it.To get Wolf go to the Ruins when your at the Ruins your gonna be on this little elavator thing that is going down and theirs spikes on the side,skip the first door and just keep on going down when you reach the 2nd door go inside there but be prepared Wolf is STRONG.Wolf is my best character and just keep on trying to beat him if you can. 😀 can u be my friend on CP.

    Money’s Edit: The game is awesome! I got the game on friday, and by monday I already:

    Unocked all the characters
    Unlocked all the places
    Beat Adventure mode
    Got 200 differant stickers
    About 9999 coins
    About 60 trophies
    About 100 songs
    Beat Classic Mode

    I played ALL weekend nonstop with all the free time I had. Now, I play online and now I dont play as much now. I let my sisters play. Im awesome with Mario. If you wanna add me, Plan the time and stuff or we can meet on Misam’s chat.

  2. Piplup U Says:

    The fireworks thing is funny….If only there was a flag on the pole thing…?

  3. Piplup U Says:

    Hey i wanna meet you on July 2nd on the server tundra!The time uhh i dont know let me see club penguin time well i live in texas and lets just come on at 4:00 k?Well anyway thats wierd becuz i let my sisters play too now!It gets kinda booring at the end .

  4. Piplup U Says:

    Actually no lets meet on Misam’s chat k.I got banned on their for a week:(just because i said mods ban people when they say the truth.

  5. I kno i saw u.How stupid!:lol:.

    P.S. Money start posting!Ive added a new admin!And golden hasnt posted since he started working on my site.Now that I know how to make pics I owe u one Money.Later!

  6. Oh and money is ur pengs name supernove64 because i removed him.
    Money: No it isnt

  7. SSBB is awesome!!! at first the Subpace is Hard! I BARELY beat it on Hard!!! anyway thanks!
    Money: Lol when i first got it i played it on normal and for some reason i never changed it i shouldve picked intense or hard

  8. no actually it was Very Hard difficulty level.

  9. Hey guyzzzz!Its Goldennnnnnnnn!I am not logged in right nowww and im HYPPPEEEERRRR!I am just lettin ya know tha im at my aunts housee.YAAAAAYYYYYYY

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