My new Penguin

Money’s Update: Just Added! Learn to invert colors at the How to make pics on Paint page. New Polls added to the weekly polls page.

Pelkiun gave me a new penguin. I would like to thank him for this one. Heres the pic of my new penguin. Its a member:

Its even over a year old! But please, call me money still.

Thanks again Pelkiun!



10 Responses to “My new Penguin”

  1. meet me on clubpenguin tundra at the dock my name is fireballby and at 2:30 PM

    ! suppeopledudes !

    Money:omg sorry my dad was on the comp and i couldnt go

  2. Piplup U Says:

    Awesome Penguin Money!Hey what is that penguins rarest pin and you know the Spot The Difference Contest when will it close because it says that i got all of them CORRECT!!!And i want it to end soon so i can get that rare penguin or something!!!

  3. Piplup U Says:

    If your on right now can u meet me on cp.And tell us all which server you mostly go on plz.:D

  4. Hola ❗

    Your welcome cpmoneymaka!



  5. Well, thats nice.Get posting on my site guys!

  6. Hey guys!I am not gunna be on lately and money PLZ get on my account!


  7. that is me.I jusss forgot to sign innnn!

  8. Dude Golden, You have NEVER posted ever since you becam an admin there.Start posting.Same with you Money.

  9. We also got a new admin, he’s a good friend of mine!


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