Money quit, new admin

Money’s Update: Sorry guys… I had to quit couldnt take it anymore. Cp got boring for me. Dont worry flame will update the How to make pics page, the funny pics, and he will leave up the things I made and take charge of them. Sorry and good bye.

Hey guys. Im MrFlame1. I am the new admin on this site. I also have some really bad news… cpmoneymaka has quit. Goldenlatios added me to the site to replace him. Money has told me everything I need to do and what I needed to know about working on the site. He gave me his penguin pelkiun gave him, polldaddy account, his email, and everything else. I usually go on Misams chat quite alot. I go on as -Mr_Flame-. My penguin name is Supernova64. Here is a pic of it.

I go on tundra, flippers, mammoth, and blizzard servers.

So I will be updating the site for now on instead of money. And I hope you guys are not mad at money for quiting. Bye!



4 Responses to “Money quit, new admin”

  1. Piplup U Says:

    Awesome!!!Good Luck with this site Mr_Flame!!! 😉

  2. grrral 2 Says:

    I will miss Money 😦 (not)
    he was so cool (not)
    he was a big help to this sucky site (not not)

  3. Piplup U Says:


  4. I wish money stayed, he was the best, I met ur peng on cp and removed it.

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