New Admin~Jrwz

Hey Penguins. Im Jrwz and if you dont know a lot about me, please visit my site and you might learn some new things.

I have been playing clubpenguin for a long time. My first penguin is more than 550 days old. I have a youtube productions with Tonetone34 called J.T. Productions. My youtube channel is and please subscribe.

My site is and please view it and comment on it. I need some hits to start it off.

I will share with you my latest video. Bleeding Love By Leona Lewis

Waddle On ~Jrwz


7 Responses to “New Admin~Jrwz”

  1. Piplup U Says:

    Hey i know about you!YOU ROCK!!!YOU MAKE AWSOME VIDS!!!!(Can i ever be in a vid of yours plz)

  2. Piplup U Says:

    and can i ever be ur friend plz!!!

  3. Piplup U Says:

    Oh Yea nice vid like always! and can you teach us how to make vids maybe?

  4. koool queen Says:

    That song pwns

  5. Nice!Welcome to the team.(I don’t work here. 😦 but just welcoming you to the team here! 🙂 )

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