The updates on CP are here!The ppl said that there was a few small updates.I found a  few!

1:The green puffle is playing with the hockey puck at the ice rink.

2:Your spy phone is on the bottom left corner next on top of the map.

3:When you click on somebody they appear as a penguin then their clothes appear.

4:It tells you when someone comes online.

5:It tells you how many of new postcards you have.

6:When you design your igloo the tape measurer becomes a CD thing.

7:The green puffle is gone from the speaker in the night club(the one at the bottom right near the book room door)

8:You can see all the igloos that are open when you click member igloos.It has all the peoples igloos that are open in a open space!

Thats what I found so far!And when you log on you have a mail that has an item.(Blue Mailbag)





7 Responses to “Updates!”

  1. i will update this post if i find more.

  2. Don’t forget 300 BUDDIES!WOOT!


  4. grrral 2 Says:

    uh no its unlimited 😐 noob

  5. No, i have over 100, and everyone will add you!

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