Sorry Sean for advertisin

Ok,most of you know me as goldenlatios’s cousin and that is fine.Ive teamed up with one of my friends and we created a website where you can exchange friend codes,come to play in mariokart wii tournaments, and much much more.Please visit^_^    Thanks



7 Responses to “Sorry Sean for advertisin”

  1. dday016 Says:

    yea sean…come join nintendo community we are having a HUGE Mario Kart Wii Tournament soon and want alot of ppl to join…and we are gonna have lots of more tournaments going on at the same time!!

  2. wtf.IDC if you

  3. i got mario kart wii a few days ago but i dont hav wifi here.XDDD

  4. I don’t use Wi-Fi and I don’t have internet connection.But I can only link DS’s and GBA’s.So I can’t do it.:(

  5. dday016 Says:

    we will do DS later on when we get Nintendo Community up and running…which shouldnt be long!

  6. once i get the game it will take me a few days to master it and then ill be ready to own u guys at it i owned the last 2 versions the DS and the gamecube and this one should be easy with a gc, classic or wii-mote with the numchuck controllers. (Im not to good with the wheel or the wii mote alone LOL, I tryed it at gamestop and at best buy if u were wondering)


  7. No, I mean I can only use that 30 ft. range signal.And the GBA link cable.Iv’e been on the site and well, they showed THE GOLDEN WHEEL*angels sing*.

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