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Today is my B-day!

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Hey everyone!Today is my B-day.There is nothing special planned for the site or for anything.Just letting you all know!


New Newspaper!

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Its Pelkiun from

The new newspaper came out )

It talks about the penguin games which will take place from August 22nd – August 26th

The penguin is wearing the old headband, which i think is coming out in the upcoming sports catalog.

The newspaper talks about the new ship igloo which will arrive on august 25th

The newspaper has a fashion section!

There is a game secrets section by qwerty29831!

There is also a emotes, hot or not section.

There is also this thing where you tick something from each box and it comes up with a poem sort of thing!

Thats pretty much everything!


Important Announcment

Posted in Uncategorized on August 12, 2008 by mrflame1

Hey guys this is Flame speaking. I have an Announcement. I will not be able to go on for a couple of days, because, my dad said If I do some work for him, he would get me something, Mario Kart Wii (and it will come with an extra wheel) from ebay. And it does’t end there, I have some summer work I have to finish from my school and I did’nt finish yet. And when I’m done with ALL that, I will have to go all the way Boston for a wedding. I will be there from NEXT friday to the following monday. And sometime that week, I start school. But if I have anytime whatsoever, I will post or I might be to busy playing video games xD. So If I don’t post, you guys might know why.

I’m so sorry for all this… Good Bye,


P.S. If I am not back posting by mid-september, I may have to quit blogging.

Opinions on Rockhopper

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Hey everyone, I was just wanting your opinion about Rockhopper. What do you think of him, you like him, hate him, or LOVE him! Just wanting everyone to share their feelings about Rockhopper and to see how everyone thinks of him.




Rockhopper, Blueprints answers, and new play!

Posted in Uncategorized on August 8, 2008 by mrflame1

Hey guys Flame here posting all your cheats for today.

Our Favorite Pirate came back today. With Brown Boots.

Im so glad it was not the original black pirate boots. You wouldnt want your first item to come back!

Click the steering wheel for the Life ring.

The Scavenger hunt for the blueprints started today. And I have the answers right here:

I hope your day, hunting for the pieces does’nt turn out like mine…

The first is at the mine shack.

The second at the cove.

The third at the coffee shop.

The fourth at the beach in between the rocks.

The fifth at the pool floating the the windows.

The sixth at the pet shop.

The seventh at the dock.

And the eight and final boat is located at the ice burg. When you get them all, put the pieces together and claim your prize, a new backround!

(And yes I really do have that much coins lol)

The new play, Team Blue 2 has a new backround. Here it is:

And theres a dodgeball fight at the stage:

Thats at the cheats for today! Flame out!


The boats!(And the new stage)

Posted in Uncategorized on August 8, 2008 by Goldenlatios

Hey everyone!Today I will be telling you where all of the paper boats are!In other news theres a new stage!


Paper Boat 1:In the bucket of water at the mine shack.

Paper boat 2:In the rope at the bottom right of your screen.

Paper boat 3:In a bucket of water in the coffee shop on the counter.

Paper boat 4:At the rocks on the lighthouse(its stuckso you have to click it a few times)

Paper boat 5:In the glass tank at the pool.

Paper boat 6:In a water dish at the pet shop.

Paper boat 7:Stuck at the bottom of the dock on the right.

Paper boat 8:At the bottom right corner of the iceberg.

(After you complete this then you have to put together the plans and you get the BG(background))


More news as RH is here!He has Brown Boots,Life Boats,RH Portraits,and Steering wheels!


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Whats up this is fireballby and i have two wordpress blog I would love if you could visit them!

Jonas Brothers Club is the one I do with my friend so we will be doing disney and stuff like that on there!My other one I talk about whats going on in my life if you have any qestions or anything plz comment!

thank you!


P.S. call me juicy fruit!

 *juicy fruit