Somebody hacking my account

Ok!Somebody on CP is hacking my account and every time I go on CP I have to change my clothes.If your’e reading this and it’s YOU thats doing this then STOP or I will hack your penguin and ban it FOREVER.So long~


5 Responses to “Somebody hacking my account”

  1. Wait a sec!YOU HACK?:o

  2. i dont think he does…but im pretty sure he can find a way lol

  3. i can find a way.I just dont want to ack yet.waiting for the right time!

  4. Someone is hacking my account as well! And I’m having trouble trying to change my password. And who evers hacking my account must have a grudge against me or something, because not only did they change my clothes, but they swear on my account getting me banned every time I try to get on my account it says it is banned for 24 hours! But thank God they didn’t take any of my friends off my buddy list!

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