Site Updates

Hey guys its Flame. Im working on a ALL the site updates RIGHT now. Ive added some a few days ago. Here are some things I updated already:

  • Added the Funny Pics
  • Added the How to make edits
  • Added new polls to the poll page

I am also working on a project, thats why I did not post these things on time. It will be completed soon. Maybe tommorow. The project is a header shop and a wordpress guide. I will post more details tommorow.



Also Please visit this website I made:


8 Responses to “Site Updates”

  1. hey!WB to the posting!Im not getting hacked anymore!WHOOSH

  2. and im banned from misams so go to port 35407

  3. Hey flame!Wanna be an admin on my site?

  4. mrflame (not logged in) Says:

    ok sure why not

  5. Here’s what to do:

    1:Log in WordPress

    2:Comment on my site

    3:Your done!

  6. But you gotta post ALOT!

  7. This project will be delayed due to my busy life.

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