Rockhopper, Blueprints answers, and new play!

Hey guys Flame here posting all your cheats for today.

Our Favorite Pirate came back today. With Brown Boots.

Im so glad it was not the original black pirate boots. You wouldnt want your first item to come back!

Click the steering wheel for the Life ring.

The Scavenger hunt for the blueprints started today. And I have the answers right here:

I hope your day, hunting for the pieces does’nt turn out like mine…

The first is at the mine shack.

The second at the cove.

The third at the coffee shop.

The fourth at the beach in between the rocks.

The fifth at the pool floating the the windows.

The sixth at the pet shop.

The seventh at the dock.

And the eight and final boat is located at the ice burg. When you get them all, put the pieces together and claim your prize, a new backround!

(And yes I really do have that much coins lol)

The new play, Team Blue 2 has a new backround. Here it is:

And theres a dodgeball fight at the stage:

Thats at the cheats for today! Flame out!



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