Opinions on Rockhopper

Hey everyone, I was just wanting your opinion about Rockhopper. What do you think of him, you like him, hate him, or LOVE him! Just wanting everyone to share their feelings about Rockhopper and to see how everyone thinks of him.





5 Responses to “Opinions on Rockhopper”

  1. Piplup U Says:

    Hmm…I would say that he has to shave (becuase he looks likes grrral’s mom)and i kinda HATE him thats why i have him in my ignore list….And i talked to a cop that KILLED somebody 😀 😦 He didn’t put the handcuffs on me though…. 😀 YOUR SITE ROCKS!

  2. Piplup U Says:

    Tonetone!Wuz Up….You barely make any comments on this site right?

  3. koool queen Says:

    yeah. weird. btw i think he sux… and he should shave and bcme a DAD

  4. koool queen Says:


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