Important Announcment

Hey guys this is Flame speaking. I have an Announcement. I will not be able to go on for a couple of days, because, my dad said If I do some work for him, he would get me something, Mario Kart Wii (and it will come with an extra wheel) from ebay. And it does’t end there, I have some summer work I have to finish from my school and I did’nt finish yet. And when I’m done with ALL that, I will have to go all the way Boston for a wedding. I will be there from NEXT friday to the following monday. And sometime that week, I start school. But if I have anytime whatsoever, I will post or I might be to busy playing video games xD. So If I don’t post, you guys might know why.

I’m so sorry for all this… Good Bye,


P.S. If I am not back posting by mid-september, I may have to quit blogging.


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