IMPORTANT UPDATE: This update will be moved to NEXT week because there is a hurricane comming my way this minute, (Hurricane Hanna) and it could wipe out my power and cause floods. (This hurricane killed about 60 people in Haiti, a small country in the carribean, next to the Domincan Republic) So please, I hope you guys understand. Im so sorry. Now I have to go get ready for it and make sure me and my family have the right stuff. Another reason why is that my computer is really slow because my hard-drive is full. If Latios wants, he will add some peoeple to do the update for me. I hope you guys understand. Bye.

Hey guys its me again! MrFlame. Now this weekend, For not posting for so long, I am going to do the biggest update yet. Were I will go threw EVERYTHING and try to update all of this site. But Im gonna need YOUR  help. So if any staff on the site will like to join in, contact me at or leave a comment and we will meet on Misam’s chat. Viewers of the site may also help. Leave a comment on this post or email me. If the thing you you involves money, (bribbles, memberships, domains, CSS, etc.) it might take some time to collect some cash. Because I just spent my $20 on Wii Points xD . This update will include:

  • New Post
  • New Pages
  • Widget Update
  • Page Updates


  • Possibly Domain
  • Possibly CSS
  • Possibly New Staff (If Golden will allow me too.)
  • Possibly Membership Contest

OK, so thats that I’ll see you on guys later!


P.S. This is kinda like CPIP. So, instead of giving away a free item we are going to have a party and a 1 MONTH MEMBERSHIP GIVEAWAY!


7 Responses to “HUGE UPDATE!!”

  1. Glad your back!I’ll help! 🙂

  2. Hi i would like to help too!

  3. I’m not saying Greatpip is mean but…..he deleted me for no reason….and he’s not even adding me back when i apoligized…well its okay…atleast Goldenlatios is a good friend!

  4. I hope nothing bad happens…Good Luck!…

  5. Hey.
    I am getting Hanna today!
    Soo…. good luck.

  6. Piplup U, I added ya back.It’s either someone hacked me or YOU delete ME!

  7. yes for everything except domain and css

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