Site is back up!

Hey ppl!My site is back up.I will start updating from halloween.Also,The candy guide,starting from candy # 1!#1:In the snow forts when you click on the flag.#2:In the dance lounge on the light with a triangle shadow in the middle.Click it two times.#3:In the blue box in the lodge attic.#4: Click the cauldron in the plaza and then the candy will pop up.#5:Click the warning sign at the cove and then the candy will fly on the hut.#6:Click the cube formation of stars in the sky at the iceberg.#7:Go to the beacon and wait for 3 flashes of lightning.It will appear at the left eye of the pumpkin.#8:In the book at the book room thats on top of the shelf(the wrapper is sticking out of it).It will roll to the middle of the book.Then you are done with the hunt!(Make sure to get the pumpkin from the snow forts first!)


And to get to the point of this post,I am having a contest thingy!Whoever sends me a code for a toy at club penguin at will be a admin forever!(Make sure you have a wordpress and a yahoo to send me the email!)Email the wordpress link and stuff!

And that concludes the post!



6 Responses to “Site is back up!”

  1. Hey Latios its me. I have some things to say.

    1. My comp. is busted and now I have to use my dads laptop and its really annoying to use sometimes. (Which is why I have not been posting.)

    2. I have MKW now and if you want to play online then post your friend code here and I’ll have mine here too. (Tell Dday I’ll join is tournement thing.)

    3.I need the link to Misams chat ’cause the other links arent the right ones.

    Oh and I have 1 last thing to say. I may quit cp on my penguins second birthday on Feb. 22, 09 or on my 13th birthday which is Feb. 26, 09. Theres a 50% chance that will happen. A 15% chance I will quit earlier and a 35% chance I will stay longer. (Just telling you ahead of time 😉 )

    -Flame out

    P.S. Please respond to this comment by 6:00 o’clock pm your time (And also mine.) 3:00 pst so i can have your code and you can have mine. and maybe at 6:30/3:30 we can be playing MKW online with each other.

  2. Wow…Your Finally Back… 😀 WOOT WOOT!!!

  3. ok my code is 3136-9836-2492 for MKW play me sometime

  4. i dont have wifi…

  5. scoutsavoy Says:

    Yo!! My code is 3609-1909-1163! Ill add you whenever mrflame lol dont kno when..get back with me by emailing me at or

    ~ Scott Savage(aka scoutsavoy) Out lol~

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