Ninja guy at the dojo!

Hey ppl!Theres a ninja searcher guy at the dojo roof and he is searchin for the ninjas!Look at the pic!It’s really cool!Theres ppl who are goin in between the statue things and I think they got the ninja power but they arent members.Lol!ninjaP.S. Does anyone have warcraft 3???And we are movin to a chat!(Not from the vote) The link is and the reason is because we really need a chat!


3 Responses to “Ninja guy at the dojo!”

  1. scoutsavoy Says:

    Yea this has nothin to do bout the chat room but i thought i drop a line of sayin hello and that obama shouldnt have won! o-bomb us!!!!!

  2. scoutsavoy Says:

    And even though Gustav happened several months ago, i think it’d be good to let you know that we survived XD..the only real damages was most trees in our backyard(golden should know where thats at) and my pawpaw owns a towing service we had a fence that all the cars were in and the whole fence fell apart..we already built a new fence its koolio lol. Probably the most real scary thing was that we saw a tornado that ran down our backyard, destroying pretty much everything. We didnt have electricity for 2 weeks, which really sucked cause it was during summer(you know the season thats hot down in louisiana 🙂 ) anyway we’re ok and thats pretty much it. Peace


  3. to bad this is totally sensie lol

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