I have decided to do 1 last thing.

My new site,clubpie,is getting cp cheats put on it now by me.

I got a chat and a new good friend(like money)

He is Dolphins 19.

Money sorry but  I decided I want to start fresh and if you would join my new site it would be awesome.


6 Responses to “Something”

  1. Nice. So, Your Starting Fresh On “Clubpie”. I’ll Still Miss This Site. I Hope You Don’t Delete It.

  2. Wow. I remember the good times at this chat. This chat actually kind of helped me start blogging. It helped me with the picture things.

  3. 😆 I accidently said chat. 😛 I meant site!

  4. Gold I dont know if you remember me but Im ballion54 me and u did cheats toghether remember well I want to see if u want to be friends agein comment on my cheat site here later

  5. Good times, good times. 😥

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