Hi guys!!!

Idk what to do guys!!! I see that people still visit this site. I make new blogs but i quit them becuz i usually quit the game who plays chobots? money email me plz if u watch this site sometimes!!!!!


Other news:

I quit CP

I dont even kno why im posting on this blog

i play chobots

i am probably gunna make a PERMANENT PERMANENT blog!!!

Hope a bit of my viewers from here will come =)

Sorry about quittin th site in th first place!!!


One Response to “Hi guys!!!”

  1. and i see the second viewer!!!! commen on this post with ur usrnames ^^ ill talk to u soon i might even start cp cheats again-JK cp screwed up too much-removing hq and sport shop! crossed the line!!!(thts wen i quit as soon as the hq got blown up)

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