Heres out army that Latios started. Its called the Duel Dragons. We will start meetings soon.

Black generals where this

Blade master, Pegasus night, mercanary where this.

Priest where this.

And everyone else wheres this.

#1:Master Goldenlatios and Money

#2:Black General Reece Robb

#3:Blade Master Tonetone34

#4:Pegasus Night Suppeopledudes

#5:Mercanary Greatpip

#6:Priest Icyfrosick

#7:Theif Koool Queen and Pingnu

#8:Shadow Theif Grrral 2

#9:Knight Pingnu




If you wanna join comment on this page.

P.S. Goldenlatios since its your site you can change the uniforms or the ranks.


10 Responses to “Army”

  1. greatpip Says:


  2. reecerobb Says:

    can i be master

    Money’s Comment: Master is me and latios. You can be black general since you joined first. I’ll add you to the list when I have more time.

  3. greatpip Says:

    i joined?:/

    Money: yeah u joined dont remember? Go here. you were comment number 6

  4. greatpip Says:

    ok im in tell me where we meet

  5. man u have a awsome army i wanna join ur army as priest and knight plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  6. i want to be 2 things plz make me in these two ranks
    priest ,

  7. i am in ur army ?

  8. plzzzzzzzzzz i want to join u r army as



  9. Hi. I would really like to join but i already have my own army. It is called the CPAC. For the Club Penguin Army Club. Our new name is the Nicepuppy9 Ninjas. Well anyway, our main name is just CPAC. And we are called the Nicepuppy9 Ninjas. Thanks.

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