Blog rewards

Recently weve been doing pretty good on the hits. BUT if you guys keep comming to our site there will be rewards like:

  • Paint Tutorial! (you will learn how to make pics and post them!)
  • Dream Penguins Shop!
  • MAYBE a free membership giveaway!
  • History of Cp!
  • More Funny Pictures!
  • Contest!
  • Guides! (Rockhopper, wordpress, missions, etc.)

So guys tell your friends about this site you will get great things back ūüėČ So please, please help! If I see the hits improving I will add the new pages and other updates! See yah!

To get this stuff we need to…

2000 hits = Paint Tutorial + more Funny Pics

3000 hits =  History of Cp page + More funny pics

4000 hits =  Dream Penguins Shop +funny pics

5000 hits = Guides + funny pics

6000 hits = Free CP Membershp Giveaway + more funny pics

7000 hits = Possibly a domain +more funny pics

We wont stop after that were are just going to keep on going! If we do that good they are going to be better rewards just you wait and see!




11 Responses to “Blog rewards”

  1. I always tell my friends about it!I will help too.

  2. start after 2000 hits;)

  3. cpmoneymaka Says:


  4. cpmoneymaka Says:

    more funny pics everytime we get a 1000 hits

  5. […] Edit: Whooooo! We’ve almost got 2000 hits! Paint Tutorial commin’ soon! (Go here for more […]

  6. get that paint tutorial on!

  7. Piplup U Says:

    Monkeys Monkeys and More Monkeys.

  8. grrral 2 Says:

    Monkeys are pickles!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. Hey this is cool!

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