How to make pics on Paint

Hey guys. Wanna know how to take pics? Well you have come to the right place! Here is a step by step tutorial on how to take pics and use paint! Also, this will not work on a mac. I do not have a mac computer I have windows XP. So I don’t know how to do this on a mac.

1. Press Prt Scrn Sys Rq on your keyboard.

2. Open up paint. (If you do not see it in your start menu, Go to programs, Accessories, and it should be there.)

3. Click Edit, paste (Ctrl+V)

4. And it should look like this:

5. Use the Cut tool to cut the pic.

6. Once you got the part you want, right click and press copy. Then open up another paint window. 

7. Right click, paste. If there is any remaining White on the page, use the little square blue tabs on each corner to re-size the pic. (If you do not see these little tabs, Click the gray area or click some where else.)

8. Then click, File, Save as. Name your pic and save it as a PNG file. Then click save.

How to post pics onto your wordpress site

1. Click the button next to ADD MEDIA.

2. Click the choose files to upload button and choose your files. Then after it is done loading click ADD INTO POST.

How to invert Colors

1. Click, Edit, Invert Colors. (Ctrl+I)

2. It should look like this.

Remember the Sports Shop During april fools day party 08?

Lets try the inverting colors trick on this.

Click Edit, Invert Colors (or Ctrl+I) and….

And there you go! Back to normal.

How to make edits

Making edits are simple. They are many ways to make differant edits. Here are some examples of the most important tools used for editing on paint:

1. The A: Used for typing, and adding your own text.

2. That sucker thing: Used for copying colors.

3. The Bucket: Used for dumping colors, and making something easier instead of coloring it.

4. The Square: Used for cutting and moving things around. Try using them yourself and practice. I will update this later. I will teach you some cool tricks that may take time to make later.


Have any questions or comments? Comment them here! Every time we get a 100 hits, I will teach you how to do something else on paint! Like, how to use the tools and the features. Stayed Tuned! 😉


20 Responses to “How to make pics on Paint”

  1. i pressed the correct button on the first step and nothing happened!

  2. what do u mean by another paint window?

  3. got it! thx money!


    Waddle on! But not on spikes!;)

  4. grrral 2 Says:

    Oh sure nowyou put this here AFTER I found out how :tear:

  5. cpmoneymaka Says:

    lol grrral 😆

  6. Piplup U Says:

    YOU ROCK!!!

  7. GO US!

    P.S. Money dont think ur trying to brainwash me and make me worship you!XD!Ur to good!

  8. grrral 2 Says:

    Do you want to jpin my army?
    If so go to my site and go to the Army page and look at the Ranks you couls be.

  9. cpmoneymaka Says:

    thx latios 😉 im know im good 😆

  10. gee money id like to see how to do edits.

  11. Make edits next!:D


  13. Go to my website to join my CPAC (Club Penguin Army Club) Join at


  14. greatpip calm down lol im making them now

  15. lol i actually made edits!Here’s something i did:

    i did the cloning edit(when you take you peng and multiply it)

    The sled edit.(When you take a sled racer and paste it onto a space)

  16. Oh My Gosh. Good Times. Good Times. 😥

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