Password Box

You can post unwanted penguins here for EVERYONE to share. Here are the rules.

  • Don’t post penguins that are banned forever.
  • Do not ask people to make you a member.
  • No posting penguins with bad names and bad passwords.
  • No banning penguins

We will tell you if the penguins are banned forever, wrong password, or if they work. Enjoy! Remember to post penguins in the comments.

Here is the list of penguins(3 so far):

Name:soccer619     Pass:soccer


Username: Fireguy06902-Password: bountyhunter (from money)

Username: betadude12-Password: betahat (from money)


9 Responses to “Password Box”

  1. greatpip Says:

    i took em both!lol really

  2. Piplup U Says:

    Hey greatpip its me Piplup U!

  3. greatpip Says:

    i kno

  4. im taking the new one since no one visits this page.

  5. Name:Moltres01 Pass:harley


  6. Piplup U Says:

    hey!those both arent that good…but still i got them the new items!Not all though

  7. Piplup U Says:

    well i only got goldenmewtwo those good items well not that good but Moltres01 is not working?

  8. its harly

  9. i took Goldenmewtwo
    thnks, Goldenlatios
    and i also have dday016
    aka- my main penguin
    *thnks sean for makin this blog cause now you got me into CP, and scout, kase, brye, and julia*

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